It's all about
        It's All About Choice is about the ‘little people’ in America who are sentenced to the foster care
system. These ‘little people’, 127,000 of them, are destined to bounce from house to house, never finding a
home. Loneliness, pain, and depression plague them every step of the way. Their plight seems to be taking
them to nowhere.

      Some people call these little wards of the courts kids. We, too, will call them kids later in the story,
but for now we want you to know they are ‘little people’. They missed that happiness train to childhood.
Their innocence was betrayed. Their trust was violated. Their safety was forfeited.

      Many woke up to the wickedness, sickness, and horrible maladies in the cradle. So, yes, they are wise
and educated and well versed in ways that you and I may never comprehend.  

      We are going to minutely touch on the atrocities here. Later we will also share the grim public opinion
the ’little people’ must face as they continue to strive to be ’normal.’

      State workers are rarely surprised by the abuses ‘little people’ suffer because rape, physical beatings
or torture, neglect, and starvation are not uncommon. As we share our adopted kid’s stories with you, you
will know they suffered some or all of the above violations.

      When the ‘little people’ are placed in foster homes or are adopted, the baggage goes with them. Some
have violent episodes, including screaming, acting out, cursing, and even personal attack.

      We are going to share some of these incidences with you; however, we won’t linger on these topics
long because our focus is the amazing resiliency and renewal many of these ‘little people’ discover as they
grow older. Once they know, understand, and utilize the power of CHOICE, they are on the way to

      Our final wish is to secure more homes for the foster children in America. There were 17,438 foreign
adoptions in the United States in 2008 according to USA Today. Foreign adoption is noble. However,
those who adopt at home are not only saving a child, but they are also helping make our nation stronger!

      Seventeen thousand five hundred adoptions in this country would only leave a little over 109,000
homes needed!  
What People Are Saying About The Book
      It’s All About Choice is a book for everyone.
Even though it demonstrates the love and courage
we all must have to help save the foster child, it is
also about the choices all families make every day.  

Susan Gilgenbach  
Mother - Secretary
      After having read Its All About Choice and
practiced law in excess of 35 years, I find it an eye
opening and innovative approach to solving many
of our juvenile problems. This book is a must read
for todays social worker, all judges and attorneys
who deal in these areas!                                             
C. Thomas Kier
Attorney and Counselor At Law
      Open my eyes O'Lord."  Having never wanted
to sit on the sidelines and not get into the game,
this simple prayer, 'open my eyes Lord', brought
me into the battle.  In becoming a youth pastor and
a father of an adopted child, God opened my eyes
to the evil that surrounds us all.  Delbert hits this
right on the head in his book - the battles that are
going on around us, but people won't open their
eyes to it. They feel right at home on the sidelines.  
Even worse are the ones fighting on the 'other'
team. Delbert took the sight God gave him and
entered the battle, and there are many stories of his
battles and victories in this book. All in the name
of Jesus!

Greg Woolf
Youth Pastor, Teacher, and Football Coach
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