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“The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong in the broken places.”  
Ernest Hemingway
 You and the Broken American Healthcare System is about hope in hopelessness.  Through the window of
honesty, we examine America’s broken Healthcare system, the causes, and steps for recovery, urging
community to become strong in the broken places.
 We know a system is broken when it become antagonistic to its purpose. Healthcare’s original purpose was
to serve, heal, and support the injured, sick, and dying. However, facts today reveal that its purpose has
changed, putting profits before healing, corporate agendas before serving, and politics before supporting.
 People in a free nation, like America, have voice and collective power. Broken systems may only exist with the
people’s permission. Broken people permit broken systems. Therefore, to heal, we must acknowledge we
have surrendered our collective power, our personal autonomies, our values, and our voices.
 We must question those who make profits paramount and people incidental and challenge those who make
corporations king and patients insignificant - - -
 We must understand that when we give giant Healthcare
conglomerates permission to monopolize resources, refuse
customer service, bully, break law, and make law, we have
appeased the gorilla and plundered any chance for innovative,
state-of-the-art Healthcare.

You and the Broken American Healthcare System begins with one
man’s medical story, describing his daily battle with the system to
secure medical care.

The story continues, revealing the handholding among big
government, big insurance, big pharmaceutical companies, and
big medicine for control, profits, and resources.  You and the
Broken American Healthcare System reveals that Americans have
become commodities serving the big medicinal-four’s corporate
agendas - - - -

Hope concludes the story with exciting information about values-
based insurance, freeing the people to choose, control, dictate
and acquire their personal Healthcare goals!

You and the Broken American Healthcare System establishes a
starting place, mapping out the steps for Americans to stand up,
join their voices into ONE and reinstate state-of-the-art Healthcare
in our nation today!
You And The Broken
American Healthcare