It's all about

      Delbert Harvey, author of It’s All About Choice, shares his family’s compelling and moving story
with writer Barbara Silliman, providing a powerful, touching message for all America.

      Delbert and his wife, Christie, parented over fifty foster children in the past nineteen years. They
invited seven of these children to permanently join them and their son through adoption.

      The couple first opened their door to the many underprivileged children in 1990. They reside in
Quinter, Kansas. Delbert is employed in the feed and management business; Christie manages the
family flower shop and is a homemaker dedicated to each and every child who came into their home.

      Delbert and Christie are no longer doing foster care; they opt to share their experiences and learned
expertise with other families throughout America. It’s All About Choice is the beginning of this
journey. Presentations and communication workshops are also available.

      With a growing family, including eight grandchildren, Delbert and Christie look forward to assisting
others by sharing their story.
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